clover adidas logo on the growth rate after the upward trend is always a straight line, the brand shoes and apparel to the entire field of divergence. Companies need greater visibility and market awareness, multi-faceted product development lacoste shoes even for enterprises is of great reference value. Shortly after its establishment, in addition to the  converse pro star  introduction of lacoste shoes, shoe industry market directly to the occupation, and far-sighted. According to the economy in the form of lines, status and industry, from the market promotion efforts and product development, the introduction of sports in the "noble" Crocodile products, go international brand development. 2013 is crucial for the domestic brands a year, a new round of brand competition has kicked off, 
sneakers severe competition, race shoes and clothing spiritual solution is even more intense, making the market competition, how to guide enterprises to diversify their own progress in terms of channels, marketing strategies, product expansion, such as shoes and apparel industry on the whole is a test. Footwear industry is labor-intensive industries, over the past 30 years, the comparative advantage in low-wage developing countries, the global leather production can be transferred to developing countries, China became the world's largest producer of footwear. But with the continuing rapid development of China's economy, labor costs began to rise. Since entering in 2013, China's eastern coastal areas are often seen "labor shortage" actually reflects
 the psychology of labor remuneration expectations have started to rise. However, the employer due to the fierce international competition, and do not want to significantly improve the remuneration levels. So there will soon be fixed wages, the workers do not want to work in these areas phenomenon. If this situation continues to develop, so the future development prospects of China's womens converse all star low labor costs based footwear industry will be limited, can produce footwear industry is likely to continue to India, Pakistan, Thailand, Vietnam and other labor worldwide lower-cost regions shift domestic footwear industry "East shoe West" has become common practice four industrial clusters is well known, China has four industrial clusters: one is based in Guangzhou, Dong Wan et al: