largest exporter of footwear, footwear exports accounted for more than 53% of total world exports. China's footwear industry in large current (store) about 20,000 Chinese leather enterprises and 1.6 million domestic employees. 85% of the total domestic footwear products for middle and low, and most of the high-end shoes are imported from abroad. Chinese footwear market is subdivided into four parts: shoes, shoes, shoes  nike free 3.0 and plastic shoes. In addition to the various segments of the shoe styles and materials increasingly shift, the consumption structure of various types of shoes have changed. Proportion of sales of shoes has risen from 9 percent earlier to the current 35%. Consumer groups also increased from rural areas to urban expansion, product began from lower secondary to senior secondary development. According to the survey, consumers generally accepted shoes RMB 100-300 yuan per pair, which in the mainland coastal city
, about 200 yuan shoes are the most popular native continent. Living in big cities like Beijing (stores), Shanghai and southeast coastal city of people on the purchasing power of the strongest footwear. Although imports of leather shoes in materials, workmanship better than the local products, but expensive, the market share is not high, so the local Chinese market is still dominated shoes. Standing in the world footwear market, Chinese production of footwear to middle and low. Annual production of about 2.4 billion pairs of shoes, accounting for 40% of global production of leather shoes, leather shoes in the low end of the market share of 85%. Chinese footwear development situation since the 1980s, with the implementation of reform and opening up policy, the 
Chinese footwear industry has been rapid development. According to statistics, in 1985 China produced a total of 1.6 billion pairs, until 1995 to reach 5.7 billion pairs. 1985-1995 Chinese footwear industry the past 10 years there has been rapid development of "triple jump" type, namely: 1985-1989 is the run-up phase, the 1990 annual production nike free 4.0 increased to 26.8 pairs, for the first-hop; 1994 annual production increased to 3.89 billion pairs, for second-hop; 1995 production reached 5.73 billion pairs, completed the first triple jump. 1997 and further increased to 6.29 billion pairs of annual output, the average per capita a year, producing a pair of shoes for the world. Chinese footwear industry by leaps and bounds, and led to the rapid growth of China's footwear exports.