According to customs statistics, from 1994 to 1998, China's footwear exports were $ 5.7 billion, $ 6.28 billion, $ 7.1 billion, $ 8.5 billion and $ 8.4 billion. Just in November 30, 2012 the outgoing government of Mexico, Felipe Calderon predecessor, from January 1, 2009 began to implement policies to reduce tariffs on imported goods, including the Mexican footwear industry associations and clothing industry association cares about most imports of footwear nike free run 2 and clothing finished. The new government announced in January 1, 2013 over some imported goods import tax cuts extended to January 1, 2014 to take effect, including footwear and clothing, according to El Financiero newspaper reported that the new government of the previous government in 2012 11 since 2013 when imports tariff reduction process announced by March 30 to take the following measures: 165 former government announced tax cuts of goods among the 94 postponed to January 
1, 2014 to take effect, contains 81 garments, such as: sweater jackets, trousers, shirts, underwear, children's clothes, socks, swimwear, skirts, dresses, etc., as well as 13 of footwear, such as: shoes, leather, casual shoes, sports shoes, shoes, slippers and so on. The remaining 71 items in accordance with the original plan in January 1, 2013 landing taxes, including textiles and clothing products have 41 original goods import tax of 26%, but the new 20% rate of decline (ie import duties reduced to 24%) while footwear imported goods originally taxes 30 30%, from 2013 January 1 date, a decline of 25-30%. tariff reduction measures before the government announced before leaving office also includes agricultural and fishery products. This morning, in a bustling 
pedestrian street Huangxing, dozens of New Balance New Balance (stores) flash dancers steady stream of people suddenly freeze, after a period of creative dance, ten dancers dressed in T-shirt letter discharge the word "NEW BALANCE", everyone's attention will be directed to the newly  nike free run 3 opened stores, New Balance new Balance (stores) in central China's first flagship store officially landed in Changsha. "Huangxing new concept store experience is the first flagship store in central China, which uses a distinctive" in the past - present - future "design concept, so that consumers buy in accesible while intuitively feel the spirit of the brand more than a century of heritage. "General Manager of new balance new Balance China, Zhang Hongwen, said the company will insist on