each foot are respected, will measure the foot width for each customer, to help customers find the shoes for their foot type. Subsequently, the reporter entered the shop, store reproduce the 1950s and 1960s the United States nostalgic atmosphere. Use worn textured materials show a rich history of the brand. A long scroll has been extended from the first floor of the store entrance, expand the picture depicts the many memorable moments from the past has been the history of New Balance New Balance, New Balance show the rich history and heritage. Here, seem to be able to smell the nostalgic oak, exposure to space converted into a wonderful time and felt the taste of the mid-20th century. According to Chang Jiang, director of marketing New balance New Balance introduction of China, New Balance New Balance company was born in the US city of Boston Marathon in 1906. Originally an arch support specialist, Mr. William J. Riley, founder of innovation and
 motivation to work from his concern for the lives of ordinary people and "to help people live  nike roshe run better," the pursuit. Experience 107 years of experience, New Balance is now the nation's third, the world's sixth largest sports shoe brand, is the world's only brand with an international sneaker shoe factories in the United States. Since 2003 formally entered China, after nearly a decade of rapid growth, especially in recent years, China has become one of the fastest growing sports brand market, trendsetting fashion sports development. Minimalist minimalist refers to a way of life, style of dress or design style, simple and clean on the senses, taste and ideologically more elegant. As a lifestyle or fashion style, minimalist and return to return to the true nature as a slogan. 
January 19, 2013, Vibram FiveFingers toe shoes first minimalist trail running Spyridon debut Vibram 100 kilometers of Hong Kong super cross-country running, jogging love minimalist way of running friends again with their feet without rut practicing with the idea of good nike free 5.0 deeds . No good deeds rut occurs in selling running book "born to run" in the opening inscription, from I "moral" famous. The implication is that good people do not run deep left traces of their brisk pace as light as antelope. This is the ultimate pursuit of runners. "Born to run" become people to understand and find a channel of minimalism, from this channel into account, we find that the history of human evolution and the evolution of running sneakers, more important is the human being forgotten barefoot