for representatives of Guangdong shoe base, the main production of high-end shoes; two, based in Wenzhou, Taizhou and other: for the representative of Zhejiang shoe base, mainly middle and low production of shoes; three, based in Chengdu, Chongqing, as the representative of the western shoe base: the main production shoes ; four, is Quanzhou, Jinjiang and other places as the representative of footwear production base: The main production of sports shoes. Chinese demand for footwear talent? Chinese shoe companies shoe demand for talent is nike flyknit lunar 2 very large. China has begun to attach importance to training shoe shoe top talent, as long as providing footwear senior personnel, we can improve the quality of the enterprise. The main cause "East shoe West"
 because the enterprise in order to reduce production costs and open up the western market. Western region provides more than half of the country, such as pigs and sheep rawhide resources, has long distance transport of these hides and skins are processed into leather to the eastern coastal areas, then lose to the east of the shoe manufacturers. This "skin in the West, the shoes in the East," the situation does not meet the market demand for rational allocation of economic resources, for the shoe-making enterprises, increasing the cost of production. "East shoe West" can effectively reduce production costs. In addition, "East shoe West" will help enterprises to develop the western market. But the Chinese "East shoe West" industrial migration is not able to complete
 all of a sudden. Restriction is limited to supporting business and investment environment in the west, the western concept of human and other factors, "East shoe West" industrial migration process can never be done overnight. Chinese footwear status quo after nearly 10 years of  adidas running shoes rapid development, China shoes industry average annual growth rate of 23%, much higher than the growth rate of China's GDP. In recent years, China's annual production of all kinds of 6 billion pairs of shoes, accounting for 60 percent of the world total footwear, is the world's largest footwear manufacturing base. China is the world's second largest footwear consumer market, accounting for 22% of global consumption, second only to the United States. China is also the world's
 clover adidas logo on the growth rate after the upward trend is always a straight line, the brand shoes and apparel to the entire field of divergence. Companies need greater visibility and market awareness, multi-faceted product development lacoste shoes even for enterprises is of great reference value. Shortly after its establishment, in addition to the  converse pro star  introduction of lacoste shoes, shoe industry market directly to the occupation, and far-sighted. According to the economy in the form of lines, status and industry, from the market promotion efforts and product development, the introduction of sports in the "noble" Crocodile products, go international brand development. 2013 is crucial for the domestic brands a year, a new round of brand competition has kicked off, 
sneakers severe competition, race shoes and clothing spiritual solution is even more intense, making the market competition, how to guide enterprises to diversify their own progress in terms of channels, marketing strategies, product expansion, such as shoes and apparel industry on the whole is a test. Footwear industry is labor-intensive industries, over the past 30 years, the comparative advantage in low-wage developing countries, the global leather production can be transferred to developing countries, China became the world's largest producer of footwear. But with the continuing rapid development of China's economy, labor costs began to rise. Since entering in 2013, China's eastern coastal areas are often seen "labor shortage" actually reflects
 the psychology of labor remuneration expectations have started to rise. However, the employer due to the fierce international competition, and do not want to significantly improve the remuneration levels. So there will soon be fixed wages, the workers do not want to work in these areas phenomenon. If this situation continues to develop, so the future development prospects of China's womens converse all star low labor costs based footwear industry will be limited, can produce footwear industry is likely to continue to India, Pakistan, Thailand, Vietnam and other labor worldwide lower-cost regions shift domestic footwear industry "East shoe West" has become common practice four industrial clusters is well known, China has four industrial clusters: one is based in Guangzhou, Dong Wan et al: 
 largest exporter of footwear, footwear exports accounted for more than 53% of total world exports. China's footwear industry in large current (store) about 20,000 Chinese leather enterprises and 1.6 million domestic employees. 85% of the total domestic footwear products for middle and low, and most of the high-end shoes are imported from abroad. Chinese footwear market is subdivided into four parts: shoes, shoes, shoes  nike free 3.0 and plastic shoes. In addition to the various segments of the shoe styles and materials increasingly shift, the consumption structure of various types of shoes have changed. Proportion of sales of shoes has risen from 9 percent earlier to the current 35%. Consumer groups also increased from rural areas to urban expansion, product began from lower secondary to senior secondary development. According to the survey, consumers generally accepted shoes RMB 100-300 yuan per pair, which in the mainland coastal city
, about 200 yuan shoes are the most popular native continent. Living in big cities like Beijing (stores), Shanghai and southeast coastal city of people on the purchasing power of the strongest footwear. Although imports of leather shoes in materials, workmanship better than the local products, but expensive, the market share is not high, so the local Chinese market is still dominated shoes. Standing in the world footwear market, Chinese production of footwear to middle and low. Annual production of about 2.4 billion pairs of shoes, accounting for 40% of global production of leather shoes, leather shoes in the low end of the market share of 85%. Chinese footwear development situation since the 1980s, with the implementation of reform and opening up policy, the 
Chinese footwear industry has been rapid development. According to statistics, in 1985 China produced a total of 1.6 billion pairs, until 1995 to reach 5.7 billion pairs. 1985-1995 Chinese footwear industry the past 10 years there has been rapid development of "triple jump" type, namely: 1985-1989 is the run-up phase, the 1990 annual production nike free 4.0 increased to 26.8 pairs, for the first-hop; 1994 annual production increased to 3.89 billion pairs, for second-hop; 1995 production reached 5.73 billion pairs, completed the first triple jump. 1997 and further increased to 6.29 billion pairs of annual output, the average per capita a year, producing a pair of shoes for the world. Chinese footwear industry by leaps and bounds, and led to the rapid growth of China's footwear exports.
 According to customs statistics, from 1994 to 1998, China's footwear exports were $ 5.7 billion, $ 6.28 billion, $ 7.1 billion, $ 8.5 billion and $ 8.4 billion. Just in November 30, 2012 the outgoing government of Mexico, Felipe Calderon predecessor, from January 1, 2009 began to implement policies to reduce tariffs on imported goods, including the Mexican footwear industry associations and clothing industry association cares about most imports of footwear nike free run 2 and clothing finished. The new government announced in January 1, 2013 over some imported goods import tax cuts extended to January 1, 2014 to take effect, including footwear and clothing, according to El Financiero newspaper reported that the new government of the previous government in 2012 11 since 2013 when imports tariff reduction process announced by March 30 to take the following measures: 165 former government announced tax cuts of goods among the 94 postponed to January 
1, 2014 to take effect, contains 81 garments, such as: sweater jackets, trousers, shirts, underwear, children's clothes, socks, swimwear, skirts, dresses, etc., as well as 13 of footwear, such as: shoes, leather, casual shoes, sports shoes, shoes, slippers and so on. The remaining 71 items in accordance with the original plan in January 1, 2013 landing taxes, including textiles and clothing products have 41 original goods import tax of 26%, but the new 20% rate of decline (ie import duties reduced to 24%) while footwear imported goods originally taxes 30 30%, from 2013 January 1 date, a decline of 25-30%. tariff reduction measures before the government announced before leaving office also includes agricultural and fishery products. This morning, in a bustling 
pedestrian street Huangxing, dozens of New Balance New Balance (stores) flash dancers steady stream of people suddenly freeze, after a period of creative dance, ten dancers dressed in T-shirt letter discharge the word "NEW BALANCE", everyone's attention will be directed to the newly  nike free run 3 opened stores, New Balance new Balance (stores) in central China's first flagship store officially landed in Changsha. "Huangxing new concept store experience is the first flagship store in central China, which uses a distinctive" in the past - present - future "design concept, so that consumers buy in accesible while intuitively feel the spirit of the brand more than a century of heritage. "General Manager of new balance new Balance China, Zhang Hongwen, said the company will insist on
 each foot are respected, will measure the foot width for each customer, to help customers find the shoes for their foot type. Subsequently, the reporter entered the shop, store reproduce the 1950s and 1960s the United States nostalgic atmosphere. Use worn textured materials show a rich history of the brand. A long scroll has been extended from the first floor of the store entrance, expand the picture depicts the many memorable moments from the past has been the history of New Balance New Balance, New Balance show the rich history and heritage. Here, seem to be able to smell the nostalgic oak, exposure to space converted into a wonderful time and felt the taste of the mid-20th century. According to Chang Jiang, director of marketing New balance New Balance introduction of China, New Balance New Balance company was born in the US city of Boston Marathon in 1906. Originally an arch support specialist, Mr. William J. Riley, founder of innovation and
 motivation to work from his concern for the lives of ordinary people and "to help people live  nike roshe run better," the pursuit. Experience 107 years of experience, New Balance is now the nation's third, the world's sixth largest sports shoe brand, is the world's only brand with an international sneaker shoe factories in the United States. Since 2003 formally entered China, after nearly a decade of rapid growth, especially in recent years, China has become one of the fastest growing sports brand market, trendsetting fashion sports development. Minimalist minimalist refers to a way of life, style of dress or design style, simple and clean on the senses, taste and ideologically more elegant. As a lifestyle or fashion style, minimalist and return to return to the true nature as a slogan. 
January 19, 2013, Vibram FiveFingers toe shoes first minimalist trail running Spyridon debut Vibram 100 kilometers of Hong Kong super cross-country running, jogging love minimalist way of running friends again with their feet without rut practicing with the idea of good nike free 5.0 deeds . No good deeds rut occurs in selling running book "born to run" in the opening inscription, from I "moral" famous. The implication is that good people do not run deep left traces of their brisk pace as light as antelope. This is the ultimate pursuit of runners. "Born to run" become people to understand and find a channel of minimalism, from this channel into account, we find that the history of human evolution and the evolution of running sneakers, more important is the human being forgotten barefoot